Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is Coming to Las Vegas


At the end of this year, the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is going to open. It is going to be the city’s first hotel and casino with an Asian theme that will pay homage to their heritage and customs. It will do this by sharing with its guests and visitors a true-to-life display of the Asian lifestyle. They will accomplish this goal by having the best Pan-Asian food and they will also provide the most excitement possible in town.

They start this off by focusing on all the details needed to make this facility totally Asian. One way that they are doing this is by having signage that is written in Asian first and English second, a staff that speaks a lot of languages, and the only extravagant tea garden and lounge that has an interior and exterior in all of Las Vegas. The interior is based on Asian culture also. An expert at Feng Shui Lin Huang designed the whole design of the inside of this hotel and casino. Their game is also focused on what is popular with Asians.


This 27,500 square foot casino is going to keep the focus on Asian culture available when their guests gamble. Popular Asian table games like Baccarat and Pai Gow will be there as well as a few “Western-style” table games like Blackjack. The gaming floor will be centered on a pagoda-shaped bar that is full of energy and life. It also will be punctuated by a 1.25 ton glass dragon that will be suspended from the ceiling. Along with the gaming where customers who like to play with high stakes named the Emerald Room. Lucky Dragon will also have a very cozy and elegant very important person room on the second floor of the casino. Their restaurants will serve authentic Pan-Asian food to their guests so they can get a food tour of Asia without actually having to go to Asia.


One of Lucky Dragon’s key elements is going to be its collection of restaurants. They will be designed to be among Las Vegas’ truly authentic Pan-Asian dining destinations. Their kitchen named Jewel Kitchen will be the only show kitchen in Las Vegas that is a part of the casino floor and it will be the focal point of Lucky Dragon’s culinary action.

A night market will imitate the vibrant street food markets in Asia by serving a menu that is always changing. The menu will consist of regional delicacies, fresh and live seafood, dim sum, barbecue, boba tea, and other items for every meal of the day. A dim sum restaurant will serve live exotic seafood that comes in on an airplane every day and will be one of the best dim sum served in North America An extravagant place to eat will have a menu that consists of rare Chinese and American delicacies to attract the region’s most discerning palates. This restaurant will seat sixty people and it will have a private balcony and an exclusive wine list.


This hotel will have 203 rooms that will provide a boutique accommodation experience right by the action of the Las Vegas strip. To go along with the standard rooms, this hotel will also have 22 standard rooms that are 625 square feet in size. The top floor will feature a luxurious 1,300 square foot penthouse that will provide their guests with a sweeping and wide view of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as a formal dining area that can serve as a place to host catered meals, events, and more. This hotel and casino will also have a one-of-a-kind tea garden.

Tea Garden

Lucky Dragon’s Tea Garden will be among the most specialized throughout the whole city. It will be served in the hotel’s tea garden that has an exterior and an interior and lounge area and it will be helmed by the only tea sommelier in Las Vegas. Their guests will be provided with teas sourced directly from farms that have been around for many years all around Asia, as well as varietals that cannot be purchased anywhere else in Las Vegas. For guests that want to want to make the best of their tea party, custom-built Gongfu tables where they can take part in a traditional Chinese tea ritual ceremony. The tea garden will be punctuated by a delicate waterfall, strong oak trees, and a shoreline swimming pool. Lastly, the spa will give their guests a place to relax and unwind.


This hotel will also have a 4,500 square foot spa that will focus on reflexology treatments and also feature four traditional treatment rooms. These rooms will include one treatment room and one room that is just for couples. The spa’s services will include: a full range of scrubs, massages, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and total relaxation techniques.

With all of these great accommodations, food, and services, the Lucky Dragon will be the only resort that will currently only focus on Asian customs and traditions. When it opens later this year, why don’t you make it one of your traditions and come see what they have to offer you?