A Las Vegas Chinese New years!


Las Vegas, a diverse community in which many people gather to from all parts of the world. A pull of different cultures as they gather and cultivate in Las Vegas. This gives you a chance to experience what other cultures are like which is one reason why Chinese New years is such a big celebration in the deserts of Las Vegas. This is also known as Las Vegas Spring Festival. All types of people gather just to celebrate this one event, and it just so happens that this event is the largest Asian Celebration in Las Vegas itself.
Chinese New years is a celebration of the upcoming year and also marking it. It begins on the second moon after the Winter solstice but ends on the full moon fifteen days later. It also celebrates the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. In other words the changing of the Zodiac.
Chinese New year celebration features different games, foods, and entertainment to keep its attendants entertained for the full duration of the event. Many of the shows included Chinese traditions such as Taiko drums,Chinese acrobats, and even Korean dancing! But the one event Favorited by many of the guests was the Lion Dance. The large Lion danced around warding off evil spirits and bring luck to the new years, all the while being accompanied by the flute and drums. Many of the guests were excited, some even saying this was their first time seeing it in person. The celebration also has the Dragon dance which sometimes is confused with the Lion dance. One thing to tell them apart is the Lion dance usually only has two people controlling the lion puppet while the Dragon dance has several people controlling the dragon puppet. This was also good for the young audience members that attended the celebrations since this game them a good chance to learn about the culture while also having fun! During the night a fireworks show even happens! The fireworks are also said to drive away the evil spirits. Adults can even purchase their own fireworks and ward off their own evil spirits.
While the guests enjoyed the show they also enjoyed the different types of food that was provided by different venues. The food ranges from a delicious Shrimp Pad Thai to a delectable Lumpia all for which were at a reasonable price! The large array of food could be difficult to choose from but many of the guests found at least one tray of food that they thought were the best. After all you can’t find many of these foods in regular Las Vegas which makes it a smarter choice to attend the event.
Although, the food was very exciting to many of the people attending they also browsed through many of the booths that were available during the celebrations. Small local business or just individuals that wanted to share their culture. Many of the booths sold things like Chinese clothing, makeup, jewelry, little trinkets or even large objects like porcelain bowls. As well as little things that would keep your child entertained and happy for the duration of the celebration. We all know how fussy a child can get during these kinds of events. But while you buy products from these booths they are also helping to support local businesses or individuals which is always a plus.
If booths or shows aren’t your thing then why not try out the games? These aren’t your regular carnival games, these are games that people back in China play. Games such as the Chinese moon game where you roll a pair of dice and win a prize! Some win a red envelope and some even win a large ceramic bowl decorated beautifully. Or even learning how to play with a Chinese Yoyo which is definitely different than America’s version of Yoyoing. This will also help to entertain your children once again and earn them little prizes. Adults can even win fireworks.
The Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas is such a grand way to spend your new years. It’s a way for people to come together and just appreciate this culture. They also hold the event in different areas such Fashion Show Mall, Downtown Container Park, and The LINQ Theater. This helps the celebration be known even more. Some of the events even hold parades where dancers march through the streets clad in different costumes and carrying a dragon on stilts. This is such a grand event to experience and definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss if you ever took a trip to Las Vegas during New Years. It also helps to support not only the event itself but also its sponsors and the people who work hard to make this event possible. For more information about the event please visit cnyinthedesert.com, they have all the possible scheduled for the upcoming Chinese New years in Las Vegas.