Five of the Best Asian Restaurants in Las Vegas

If you love Asian food and are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, you may want to know where you can look to get a great Asian meal. Another situation you might have is that you currently live in Las Vegas but are new to the area. You may not be too familiar with Asian style restaurants yet. You may want to know if there are any buffets or you might just want sit down family style meals. It is important to look into the best Asian restaurants so you can know which places to go during your stay in Las Vegas. You may want to look at a menu to see if they have your favorite Asian dish or you may want to check out reviews to see what other people have to say about their experience at each restaurant.

1.) Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert
People that have eaten at this restaurant gave it a five star review. People love the food, and the customer service. Both are very important qualities to Asian restaurants and you will tend to head over to this place first. You will love the small portions and how the food looks when it is brought to you. They have several different foods you can choose from or you can order a bunch of different foods for your whole table to share. This way you can eat a little bit of everything.

2.) Oasis Asian Kitchen
Another top choice is the Oasis Asian Kitchen because people that have eaten here have given this place a 4.8 star rating. When you dine here, you will notice that the prices are reasonable. The service is also excellent and so is the food. When it comes to bringing out your orders, they are pretty quick and you will not leave hungry. They have different specials you can try and you should take advantage of their honey chicken wings. They are so good that you will want to order it again so you can take some home.

3.) Sen of Japan
This is a great choice for you and your family and friends to go and relax. This restaurant was given a 4.7 star rating. At this place, you will find that they have reasonable prices with good size portions. For an appetizer, you may want to order spicy tuna or tuna sushi. A couple of choices for you to order for an entrée would be black cod soy or salmon. Other entrees include eggplant and crab. These are only a few of the choices they will serve you. There are several other items on the menu that are very tasty and you will want to come back to this restaurant. Another reason why this rating is so high is because of the service. The people are friendly and courteous especially if you have any dietary needs.

4.) Fat Choy Restaurant
The next stop on your Asian tour of Las Vegas is the Fat Choy Restaurant. This place was given a total of 4.6 stars, and it is a great place. You may love Asian food but someone in your party may not like it. That is the best part about this place because they also serve American food so people can have a choice on the kind of food they want to eat. They have several different kinds of food here such as sesame noodles, chicken teriyaki rice, and wonton soup. Some of their American style choices include cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and a cheesesteak sandwich. As you can tell everyone can eat here even the picky eaters.

5.) Yama Sushi
The last out of the top five choices that you have to eat at is the Yama Sushi restaurant. The locals of Las Vegas gave this place 4.4 stars out of five, which is great considering the amount of people that have eaten at this restaurant. If sushi is your favorite Asian style food, then you will love this place. You can order sushi over and over and over again because they have all you can eat sushi on their menu. When you walk in, you may find that this place is hopping with tons of people. The more people you see in a restaurant, the more excited you will get by dining there. Their customer service is also the best, which is a good thing to know because it is just as important as good food.

You cannot go wrong with any of these choices for Asian food. These are the top five places where people, including yourself, will more than likely want to eat there over and over again. They range from number one being the best to number five being the fifth best. You will also want to recommend these places to other tourists or even to other people that live in the area.