Five of the Best Asian Restaurants in Las Vegas


If you love Asian food and are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, you may want to know where you can look to get a great Asian meal. Another situation you might have is that you currently live in Las Vegas but are new to the area. You may not be too familiar with Asian style restaurants yet. You may want to know if there are any buffets or you might just want sit down family style meals. It is important to look into the best Asian restaurants so you can know which places to go during your stay in Las Vegas. You may want to look at a menu to see if they have your favorite Asian dish or you may want to check out reviews to see what other people have to say about their experience at each restaurant.

1.) Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert
People that have eaten at this restaurant gave it a five star review. People love the food, and the customer service. Both are very important qualities to Asian restaurants and you will tend to head over to this place first. You will love the small portions and how the food looks when it is brought to you. They have several different foods you can choose from or you can order a bunch of different foods for your whole table to share. This way you can eat a little bit of everything.

2.) Oasis Asian Kitchen
Another top choice is the Oasis Asian Kitchen because people that have eaten here have given this place a 4.8 star rating. When you dine here, you will notice that the prices are reasonable. The service is also excellent and so is the food. When it comes to bringing out your orders, they are pretty quick and you will not leave hungry. They have different specials you can try and you should take advantage of their honey chicken wings. They are so good that you will want to order it again so you can take some home.

3.) Sen of Japan
This is a great choice for you and your family and friends to go and relax. This restaurant was given a 4.7 star rating. At this place, you will find that they have reasonable prices with good size portions. For an appetizer, you may want to order spicy tuna or tuna sushi. A couple of choices for you to order for an entrée would be black cod soy or salmon. Other entrees include eggplant and crab. These are only a few of the choices they will serve you. There are several other items on the menu that are very tasty and you will want to come back to this restaurant. Another reason why this rating is so high is because of the service. The people are friendly and courteous especially if you have any dietary needs.

4.) Fat Choy Restaurant
The next stop on your Asian tour of Las Vegas is the Fat Choy Restaurant. This place was given a total of 4.6 stars, and it is a great place. You may love Asian food but someone in your party may not like it. That is the best part about this place because they also serve American food so people can have a choice on the kind of food they want to eat. They have several different kinds of food here such as sesame noodles, chicken teriyaki rice, and wonton soup. Some of their American style choices include cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and a cheesesteak sandwich. As you can tell everyone can eat here even the picky eaters.

5.) Yama Sushi
The last out of the top five choices that you have to eat at is the Yama Sushi restaurant. The locals of Las Vegas gave this place 4.4 stars out of five, which is great considering the amount of people that have eaten at this restaurant. If sushi is your favorite Asian style food, then you will love this place. You can order sushi over and over and over again because they have all you can eat sushi on their menu. When you walk in, you may find that this place is hopping with tons of people. The more people you see in a restaurant, the more excited you will get by dining there. Their customer service is also the best, which is a good thing to know because it is just as important as good food.

You cannot go wrong with any of these choices for Asian food. These are the top five places where people, including yourself, will more than likely want to eat there over and over again. They range from number one being the best to number five being the fifth best. You will also want to recommend these places to other tourists or even to other people that live in the area.

Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is Coming to Las Vegas


At the end of this year, the Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino is going to open. It is going to be the city’s first hotel and casino with an Asian theme that will pay homage to their heritage and customs. It will do this by sharing with its guests and visitors a true-to-life display of the Asian lifestyle. They will accomplish this goal by having the best Pan-Asian food and they will also provide the most excitement possible in town.

They start this off by focusing on all the details needed to make this facility totally Asian. One way that they are doing this is by having signage that is written in Asian first and English second, a staff that speaks a lot of languages, and the only extravagant tea garden and lounge that has an interior and exterior in all of Las Vegas. The interior is based on Asian culture also. An expert at Feng Shui Lin Huang designed the whole design of the inside of this hotel and casino. Their game is also focused on what is popular with Asians.


This 27,500 square foot casino is going to keep the focus on Asian culture available when their guests gamble. Popular Asian table games like Baccarat and Pai Gow will be there as well as a few “Western-style” table games like Blackjack. The gaming floor will be centered on a pagoda-shaped bar that is full of energy and life. It also will be punctuated by a 1.25 ton glass dragon that will be suspended from the ceiling. Along with the gaming where customers who like to play with high stakes named the Emerald Room. Lucky Dragon will also have a very cozy and elegant very important person room on the second floor of the casino. Their restaurants will serve authentic Pan-Asian food to their guests so they can get a food tour of Asia without actually having to go to Asia.


One of Lucky Dragon’s key elements is going to be its collection of restaurants. They will be designed to be among Las Vegas’ truly authentic Pan-Asian dining destinations. Their kitchen named Jewel Kitchen will be the only show kitchen in Las Vegas that is a part of the casino floor and it will be the focal point of Lucky Dragon’s culinary action.

A night market will imitate the vibrant street food markets in Asia by serving a menu that is always changing. The menu will consist of regional delicacies, fresh and live seafood, dim sum, barbecue, boba tea, and other items for every meal of the day. A dim sum restaurant will serve live exotic seafood that comes in on an airplane every day and will be one of the best dim sum served in North America An extravagant place to eat will have a menu that consists of rare Chinese and American delicacies to attract the region’s most discerning palates. This restaurant will seat sixty people and it will have a private balcony and an exclusive wine list.


This hotel will have 203 rooms that will provide a boutique accommodation experience right by the action of the Las Vegas strip. To go along with the standard rooms, this hotel will also have 22 standard rooms that are 625 square feet in size. The top floor will feature a luxurious 1,300 square foot penthouse that will provide their guests with a sweeping and wide view of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as a formal dining area that can serve as a place to host catered meals, events, and more. This hotel and casino will also have a one-of-a-kind tea garden.

Tea Garden

Lucky Dragon’s Tea Garden will be among the most specialized throughout the whole city. It will be served in the hotel’s tea garden that has an exterior and an interior and lounge area and it will be helmed by the only tea sommelier in Las Vegas. Their guests will be provided with teas sourced directly from farms that have been around for many years all around Asia, as well as varietals that cannot be purchased anywhere else in Las Vegas. For guests that want to want to make the best of their tea party, custom-built Gongfu tables where they can take part in a traditional Chinese tea ritual ceremony. The tea garden will be punctuated by a delicate waterfall, strong oak trees, and a shoreline swimming pool. Lastly, the spa will give their guests a place to relax and unwind.


This hotel will also have a 4,500 square foot spa that will focus on reflexology treatments and also feature four traditional treatment rooms. These rooms will include one treatment room and one room that is just for couples. The spa’s services will include: a full range of scrubs, massages, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and total relaxation techniques.

With all of these great accommodations, food, and services, the Lucky Dragon will be the only resort that will currently only focus on Asian customs and traditions. When it opens later this year, why don’t you make it one of your traditions and come see what they have to offer you?

A Las Vegas Chinese New years!


Las Vegas, a diverse community in which many people gather to from all parts of the world. A pull of different cultures as they gather and cultivate in Las Vegas. This gives you a chance to experience what other cultures are like which is one reason why Chinese New years is such a big celebration in the deserts of Las Vegas. This is also known as Las Vegas Spring Festival. All types of people gather just to celebrate this one event, and it just so happens that this event is the largest Asian Celebration in Las Vegas itself.
Chinese New years is a celebration of the upcoming year and also marking it. It begins on the second moon after the Winter solstice but ends on the full moon fifteen days later. It also celebrates the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. In other words the changing of the Zodiac.
Chinese New year celebration features different games, foods, and entertainment to keep its attendants entertained for the full duration of the event. Many of the shows included Chinese traditions such as Taiko drums,Chinese acrobats, and even Korean dancing! But the one event Favorited by many of the guests was the Lion Dance. The large Lion danced around warding off evil spirits and bring luck to the new years, all the while being accompanied by the flute and drums. Many of the guests were excited, some even saying this was their first time seeing it in person. The celebration also has the Dragon dance which sometimes is confused with the Lion dance. One thing to tell them apart is the Lion dance usually only has two people controlling the lion puppet while the Dragon dance has several people controlling the dragon puppet. This was also good for the young audience members that attended the celebrations since this game them a good chance to learn about the culture while also having fun! During the night a fireworks show even happens! The fireworks are also said to drive away the evil spirits. Adults can even purchase their own fireworks and ward off their own evil spirits.
While the guests enjoyed the show they also enjoyed the different types of food that was provided by different venues. The food ranges from a delicious Shrimp Pad Thai to a delectable Lumpia all for which were at a reasonable price! The large array of food could be difficult to choose from but many of the guests found at least one tray of food that they thought were the best. After all you can’t find many of these foods in regular Las Vegas which makes it a smarter choice to attend the event.
Although, the food was very exciting to many of the people attending they also browsed through many of the booths that were available during the celebrations. Small local business or just individuals that wanted to share their culture. Many of the booths sold things like Chinese clothing, makeup, jewelry, little trinkets or even large objects like porcelain bowls. As well as little things that would keep your child entertained and happy for the duration of the celebration. We all know how fussy a child can get during these kinds of events. But while you buy products from these booths they are also helping to support local businesses or individuals which is always a plus.
If booths or shows aren’t your thing then why not try out the games? These aren’t your regular carnival games, these are games that people back in China play. Games such as the Chinese moon game where you roll a pair of dice and win a prize! Some win a red envelope and some even win a large ceramic bowl decorated beautifully. Or even learning how to play with a Chinese Yoyo which is definitely different than America’s version of Yoyoing. This will also help to entertain your children once again and earn them little prizes. Adults can even win fireworks.
The Chinese New Year celebration in Las Vegas is such a grand way to spend your new years. It’s a way for people to come together and just appreciate this culture. They also hold the event in different areas such Fashion Show Mall, Downtown Container Park, and The LINQ Theater. This helps the celebration be known even more. Some of the events even hold parades where dancers march through the streets clad in different costumes and carrying a dragon on stilts. This is such a grand event to experience and definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss if you ever took a trip to Las Vegas during New Years. It also helps to support not only the event itself but also its sponsors and the people who work hard to make this event possible. For more information about the event please visit, they have all the possible scheduled for the upcoming Chinese New years in Las Vegas.

Why Asian Escorts Are more Fun


A Diverse and Desirable Escort Collection

With the variety of escort services available these days it is valuable to note that your experience will reflect on the type you choose. There is no doubt that you want a quality service which will provide the options you need on your night out (or in!). You do not have to spend a fortune to have a great time with a beautiful escort while in Las Vegas. Asian escorts are the best in terms of variety and the types of service they provide. Asia is so large that there is no shortage in terms of girls ready to please and provide company to those wanting to have a great time in Sin City.

Las Vegas Asian Escorts tend to be willing to fulfill every need that their companions seek. This means that any desires can be met for those who are looking for special requests or discreet services. They are more than willing to go out for dinner, have fun on the strip, take a nice dip in a pool at the hotel or enjoy the sights and indulge in the spa with their companions. It is all up to the client and what they will need. You do not need to be a high roller to get the high roller experience with such youthful Asian girls. There are also choices for those who are into more mature women or even non-petite in stature or much more.

Choosing From The Broad Taste of Asian Flavors

Great options are available for Asian Escorts in Vegas. Since Asia encompasses a wide range of ethnicity, you can be sure to have access to a Vegas style buffet of girls. Some of the most popular include:
• Japanese
• Chinese
• Korean
• Vietnamese
• Cambodian
• Indian
• Laotian
• Taiwanese
• Malaysian
• Mongolian

Every type has their own attractive features and can really fit your specific needs when it comes to appearance, mannerisms and attitude. There are also countless mixes that you can choose from to get unique experiences with some of the most beautiful women in the world. It is no wonder that Asians are the most preferred escorts in such a grand place such as Las Vegas.

Even if a client doesn’t have a specific type of Asian in mind they can have a great time. A great deal of Las Vegas Asian Escorts will have the drive necessary to give their all in their services. Making requests to have the escort arrive in a variety of outfits is always a fun option. Casual to business or traditionally Asian styles are fun to request when you plan to entertain or be entertained. Going out to party can be more fun when she shows up in a wild or rave outfit. Sexy and adult themes are also on the table for these amazing escorts.

Concerning Services Beyond the Basic Needs

Those into the BDSM culture will be glad to know that many Asian Escorts in Vegas provide services that cater to these specific needs. Dominating or submissive escorts are available at all times while in Vegas. They aim to please in so many ways that it is nearly impossible to have a great time. Negotiating these types of services are generally simple and these fine escorts provide exactly what you are looking for. Many will have the materials needed on hand and will welcome using almost anything provided by their clients. It is not difficult to indulge in the BDSM culture with experienced Asian women.

The Art of Mixing Business with Pleasure

Impressing your business connections can be as simple as booking an evening with Las Vegas Asian Escorts. The many conventions and events held in Las Vegas bring the widest range of professionals to the area. Imagine showing up to an event you are heavily invested in with a stunning bombshell draped around your arm which makes all of the other professionals in attendance have a bout of whiplash and intense envy. That is something that you can have quite easily with one of these escorts. After the event, going back to your suite and having a relaxing dip in the hot-tub or even a massage makes the evening slip into the best night of your life thus far.

So if you are looking to have fun with Asian Escorts in Vegas, just make sure to take chances and make some great choices with the options available out there. They will be prompt and on time and within the price range you want to pay whether it is affordable or lavish. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself when it comes to your happiness while on vacation, a business trip or even if you are a resident of the City of Sin. Take into account what you really want and make the decision to choose a beautiful, youthful, skilled and desirable Asian escort now!



Asian migrated to the United States from throughout the continent of Asia. They include East Asia and South Asia as well as Central Asia and the Middle East. The first migration occurred in Hawaii and West Coast in the 19th century. Asians Americans were prohibited by the United States law between 1880 and 1965. The barring of Asian immigration ended after 1965. Most Asian Americans arrived in the United States after 1965. Nearly 40% of all new migrants to the United States in 2010 were from Asia.
The United States Census Bureau states that there was a total of 17,320,856 Asian America by 2010. The Asian American population had increased to 18,205,898 by 2011. The increase in population has made Asian Americans have a 5.6 percent of the total American population. The leading cultural group is the Chinese followed by the Filipino and India. The Burmese and Bangladeshi and also Taiwanese and Pakistani have few population according to the United States Census Bureau. The Asian Americans total population grew by 46 percent from 2000 to 2010. It constituted the largest increase of any racial group during that period. The United States Census Bureau indicated that an estimated 11,284,000 people born in Asia 57.7% had become the US citizens. 209,128 were Latino and Hispanic. The largest population claimed they are from Mexico. 66 percent Asians American foreign-born residents are Vietnamese and Laotians and also Cambodians.
A large population of the Asian American community live in California and Hawaii as well as New York and Taxes and also Illinois as in 2010. Schools in regions with a large population of Asian American offers instructions in a different language like Mandarin. The motivation and demographic features of Asian migration to the US differ significantly. Employment motivates some immigrants to migrate to the United States. Others migrated to reunite with their family. Other immigrants are driven by education as well as investment opportunities and also humanitarian protection. Most Asian immigrants receive a green card in the United States through employment or family ties. They work in high-skilled jobs. They enter the United States on H-1B visas for a specialized profession labors. 70 percent of the population that benefited from H-1B visas are from India followed by China and Philippines and then the Korea.

Asian immigrants are more educated than the overall foreign and the native-born people. Most of the Asian adults had a bachelor’s degree in 2014. 29 percent of the total migrant and 30 percent of native-born adults are not educated. Asian immigrants are likely to be hired in management jobs. They also have a higher household salaries. A huge percentage of immigrants from India and Taiwan and also Singapore and Saudi Arabia were college graduates. A big number of college-educated immigrants from India and also Taiwan as well as Sri Lanka and Israel had a bachelor’s degree. 15 percent adults of Asian-immigrant had not completed high school. Almost half of Burmese immigrants had no high school diploma. Most students from Asia are sent to the United States. 76 percent of the total population of international students enrolled in the US higher educational institutions in the 2014-2015 school year are from Asia. A large number of students are from China followed by India. The number of students from South Arabia and Kuwait has increased in the last five year. The United States government has spent substantially in international scholarship and educational opportunities.

Asian immigrants contributed in the labor force at a lower rate than the overall population. 64 percent of adult Asian immigrants were in the civilian labor force. Almost half of Asian immigrants were working in business and management as well as arts and science jobs. Immigrants from Asia were not likely to work in natural resources and construction as well as maintenance jobs.
Asian immigrants are likely to receive the United States citizenship than the overall foreign-born population. 59 percent of the Asian immigrants had been given the United States citizenship in 2014. Immigrants from Lebanon and Vietnam and also Cambodia as well as Taiwan and Iran had the highest number of naturalization shares. Saudi Arabia and Nepal and also Japan as well as Burma were the least likely to receive the citizenship. A huge percentage of Asian immigrants from regions or nations in war have moved in the United States as asylums and refugees. A share of new LPRs from Burma and Bhutan as well as Iraq and Nepal and also Thailand have received a permanent citizenship by adjusting from refugee status.
Asian immigrants represent a growing portion of the illegal population in the United States. 14 percent of the total 11 million of the unauthorized immigrants from Asia resided in the US. China is the fifth-largest origin nation of illegal immigrants according to Migration Policy Institute (MPI). The number of illegal Chinese and Korean and also Indian immigrants have grown rapidly. MPI states that approximately 151,000 Asian qualified for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2015. The DACA program offers a temporary relief from deportation. It also allows immigrates to temporary work in the United States. Most Asian citizens have applied for DACA program. A good percentage have received the DACA status as in 2015.